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Several Actual Cases 

Nursing Home Neglect and Abuse:


A daughter who was also a nurse was concerned to see that her father was suffering from diabetes, however, was not being cared for properly and a blister was not healing on his toe.  After some time, this blister ultimately resulted in an amputated leg due to the negligence of the nursing home. After discussing her case with another law firm and being rudely treated and told nothing could be done, she contacted the Law Firm of Donald W. Edwards, P.A. Due to the time spent investigating this case and diligence afforded by Mr. Edwards and his team, she was awarded nearly a quarter of a million dollars in damages from the nursing home.  



Negligently Filled Prescription:


This case involved a pharmacy that negligently filled a customer’s prescription with a narcotic drug instead of the antibiotic prescribed by the doctor. The firm recently settled this lawsuit against this major chain pharmacy for an undisclosed amount.  The parties agreed at the mediation conference that the settlement amount would remain confidential.



Medical Negligence:


This case resulted in a large award to our client, because his dentist only took x-rays of the patient’s teeth and failed to diagnose a fractured jaw bone. The claim was settled out of court for $175,000.  Two (2) previous attorneys investigated the claim and declined to represent our client.  



Negligence of Auto Mechanic:


Donald W. Edwards, P.A., represented a woman who took her car in for an oil change and ended up catastrophically injured. Shortly after leaving the oil change provider, her oil indicator pressure warning light came on and after she returned to the facility, the mechanic simply re-set the warning indicator light and told her there was no problem.  She left and got back on the interstate, and within minutes the indicator light came on again, the engine overheated, her car stalled and she was rear-ended by an uninsured driver. The firm presented claims to the oil change service provider, because of the negligence of its' mechanic who serviced the car. The oil change service provider was accused of: Failure to properly perform an oil change. Failure to properly diagnose the reason for the oil pressure light to continue to be illuminated. Failure to keep the woman from driving her car before determining the cause the engine oil warning indicator light. Failure to perform mechanic work on the vehicle in a proper manner. Other lawyers turned down the case when it was determined that the driver who struck her vehicle had no insurance.

A confidential amount was awarded in damages. 



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